Everything you need to send engaging push notifications without a complex infrastructure

Zenpush allows your mobile apps to deliver your message instantly

Increase User Engagement
Increase Daily Active Usage
Increase User Retention
Increase In-App Purchases
Increase Revenue Per User
Increase App Launches

Why You Will Fall In Love With Zenpush

Push Notification Scheduling

Have you ever wanted to send a ‘Happy Birthday’ notification, without waiting until midnight to send your message? Schedule push notifications to be sent at specific date and times or setup recurring notifications.

Hassle-Free Integration

Sick of complex integrations? We believe integrations should take minutes not hours. Zenpush makes it easy to integrate your mobile applications onto the Zenpush platform and start sending your push notifications in minutes.

Our Simple Web Interface

Want to allow everyone on your team, technical or non-technical, to send push notifications? Once your app is integrated with Zenpush you can compose and send push notifications with the same ease as sending an email.

Concierge Services

All new signups have the option to use our “concierge services” where we at Zenpush will work with you to make sure you are fully integrated on the technical side of things. We will even write for you the first few push notifications for your app!

An API That Works

Do you want to automate push notifications or already have a backend server you would like to use for push notifications? Both are possible using Zenpush’s simple RESTful API. Send and schedule push notifications, add devices and track events all through our API.

User Event Tracking

Interested in learning more about your users and how they are using your mobile app? Zenpush makes it easy for you to track and query what actions your users are taking. Utilize this data to help further mobile development and marketing efforts.